Case Study for Neko Design

Creating a modern website often requires the collaboration of a team of people. These include a graphic designer, a website developer, an ecommerce developer, and a software programmer to create custom functionality. An issue that often arises in creating websites is a communication breakdown between the client and the different team members responsible for building the website.

The Situation

Nick P. is the owner of Neko Design and he is also the main website developer. His business is growing rapidly and Nick was having issues organizing and managing all of the different website projects his team was working on and the many different change requests made by his clients.

The system Nick was using to manage projects was a couple of white boards, Excel spreadsheets, email, and Google Hangouts instant messaging. The problem was that projects were spread out over too many mediums, and keeping everything organized was nearly impossible. This was causing communication problems, mistakes, bottlenecks, and project delays because there was no centralized system for tracking and organizing communications, tasks, and project status.

The Solution

Nick wanted to find an online project management solution that offered a centralized system so he, his clients, and his team members always had real-time access to the same project information. In his search Nick found

Hitask was a perfect solution for Nick and his team because it offered a complete online centralized project management system for organizing all projects, tasks, files, and communication. This allowed Nick to completely eliminate using white boards, spreadsheets, and Google Chat. Now, every aspect of managing a website development project could be hosted in Hitask, including all communications with the clients and team members. This put everyone including the client on the same page as every person associated with a project had access to project and task status, client and team communications involved with each task, and client change requests. The result of implementing Hitask as their online project management system was that Nick and his team were able to complete projects up to 20% faster while eliminating errors and project management stress. This made each website development project more profitable and it greatly improved the client’s experience and their level of satisfaction.

Neko Designs achieved their results by using these features found in Hitask:

  • Assign and Share Tasks. Create projects and tasks and assign team members to work on specific tasks with completion deadlines. Share those tasks with clients so they can see your progress and provide feedback with task notes.
  • File sharing. Upload files and attach them to tasks. When a new file is added, every person associated with that task is automatically notified.
  • Task Scheduling. Easily schedule and edit due dates. When changes are made, everyone who is associated with that task are automatically notified.
  • Automated Task Update Notifications. If there is a question or concern about a task, a team user can make a note about that task and all people associated with that task are automatically notified. Then, when a person replies, their response is automatically added to that task’s notes and the other team members are automatically notified.
  • Automated Task Completion Messaging. When a task is completed, all users associated with that task are automatically notified.